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Ambition Linen & Room Spray

Ambition Linen & Room Spray

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Ambition  fills your space with the rich scents of  fresh cut pineapple notes, with earthy sage, sweet sugar and anise. Some pineapple scents smell a bit too sweet, but not this one.

Take a leap of faith with Ambition! Our pineapple sage candle will transport you to a world of sensations and adventure, emboldening the risk-taker in you. Experience a journey of boldness and courage, and light a fire for ultimate success. Embrace the ambition!

Elevate your home with our Ambition  Linen & Room Spray. Refresh your fabrics and rooms with the 4oz spray to get a lingering, long-lasting aroma. Indulge in a delightful scent and enjoy the comforting environment.

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Gym Bags or Lockers